How To Talk Like Denzel Washington

It's understood why you would want to learn how to talk like Denzel Washington. He's probably the coolest guy on the planet. Denzel Washington's confidence and swagger have a veritable gravitational pull to members of the opposite sex. We've all seen him on screen. He plays authoritative roles like no other person in film. Samuel L Jackson screams. Harrison Ford throws punches (in his younger years). Denzel Washington just is. His calm yet commanding voice adds a huge sense of power to his characters. You know at any moment this guy can just explode and kick any ass in the room. Here's what you'll need to talk like Denzel Washington:

  1. A quiet confidence. You never see Denzel Washington trying to be the center of attention like so many other stars today. While some people chase after the limelight, he simply lets it follow him. His strong sense of self assurance is what makes him, well, him. This self confidence spreads into all aspects of his life. How he dresses, how he walks, and yes even how Denzel Washington talks. You want to talk like Denzel Washington, then you need to develop the same self confidence he has.
  2. Commanding presence. Have you noticed how Denzel Washington carries himself in his movies? No matter what the role, he has this presence of a leader. Even when he played the role of low level employee in "The Taking of Pelham 123" he still seemed to give off this feeling of commanding power. With an aura like the one he gives off, it's no question why people listen to every word he says. Body language says a lot more than words ever can. But its the body language that helps make the words so powerful. You want to talk like Denzel Washington, then develop that same commanding presence he has on the screen.
  3. Conviction. He wastes no words. He never says seven words when all he needs is four. He always straight forward, even when he's joking. He says what he needs to say and lets his charisma do the rest. Be sure of yourself in the things you say. Why do you think he did such a good job as a corrupt cop in "Training Day"? It was because his character believed in what he was doing, despite the fact that he spent the majority of his time in the morally gray area. Not only did he believe, he got others to follow suit. You can see it in his speech. "King Kong aint got s&%t on me!!" Believe in what you say, despite what others may think and you'll communicate a lot like Denzel Washington does in his flicks.


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