How To Talk Dirty To Girls

Understanding how to talk dirty to girls can help improve your sex life significantly. However, what you choose to say will all depend on the girl. If you’re not sure what she’ll like, it’s best to start out slow and buildup to something more kinky, erotic or vulgar.

  1. Start slow. Don’t jump right into vulgar sexual language and kinky fantasies. When starting to talk dirty to a partner, you need to ease into it. Start with something easy like “Oh yeah, you like that?” or “I want you so bad.” If she starts joining in, see where it goes.
  2. Talk dirty in the heat of the moment. Before you try revving up a girl with dirty talk, try saying a few naughty things when she’s already aroused or even better, while you’re having sex. When a girl is aroused and especially when she’s close to orgasm, she’s more likely to let loose and join in the dirty talk.
  3. Explain a naughty scenario. Instead of talking about how you’re performing oral sex on your partner in your own bed, describe a scene where you’re going at it in an elevator or airplane bathroom. You can even throw in a third sex partner if she seems into that. Remember that it’s just a scenario, so things your partner might not want in real life might really turn her on to hear you describe it.
  4. Describe your fantasy. Girls love to hear their partner’s fantasies. It will turn your partner on to watch you get aroused by what you’re describing. Use discretion here. If you’ve never dirty talked before, save the S&M fantasies for another time and stick to basics, such as watching your partner masturbate.



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