How To Talk Dirty Online

Learning how to talk dirty online makes a man free from any reservations because of its anonymity. You can say whatever you want and share your biggest fantasy without feeling odd or judged. However, it depends on whom you are talking to, a complete stranger or your lover. If talking sexy online is something, you would never done read these few tips to get started.

  1. Warm up the conversation. You should use subtle hints to talk dirty online to get thing started. Examples, "I had a long hard day at work and need someone to take my mind off it." Your woman can respond back saying, "I will give you a sexy massage and work my way from your shoulders to your penis.”  Take the conversation from there to build things up.
  2. Use explicit language. Imagine that you are talking dirty in person, except you are online using a computer. You want to say the same dirty things, the only difference you will type in letters instead using your mouth. Do not hold back what you are thinking unless it is something rather forbidden in your relationship that will piss off your partner. Feel free, be loose, but make sure it is within boundaries.
  3. Send quick responses. When you are talking dirty, it usually through instant messaging so be fast with your response instead of thinking of what to type. You are not writing an essay or sending in a test. Take at least fifteen to thirty seconds to type your answer, if it is a few sentences, and no longer than fifteen seconds for something that is short. Any longer than that makes your dirty chit chat less enthusiastic and boring. Remember to be quick witted to keep things going.
  4. Use other methods. Besides dirty talking online, exchange pictures; she can send in a picture of her breasts, legs open, sexy lingerie and you can show a picture of your erect penis. A picture is worth a thousand of words so what you cannot express online, you can surely show through pictures. In addition, use naughty emoticons while dirty talking online, send it with your message or use it alone to get your message across.
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