How To Talk To Girlfriend About Marriage

Learning how to talk to your girlfriend about marriage is a process that you should ease yourself into. The best time to bring the subject up is when you both know that you are right for each other, and you are both nearly ready to tie the knot. This can happen after several years of dating, but when the time is finally right, you should bring up the subject. The following is some advice on how to talk to your girlfriend about marriage.

  1. First, make sure that the time is right. Talking to your girlfriend about marriage is not something that you want to do prematurely, so wait until you feel that both of you are comfortable actually discussing the subject in a serious way.
  2. If your girlfriend brings it up first and you feel that the subject is relevant, you are in luck, but this is not always the case. You may have to touch on it and just see how she feels. You can do this by simply asking how she feels about talking about marriage. If she responds positively, it is a talk worth having. Otherwise, if she says something about how she does not want to discuss it at the time, try again a couple of months later, as marriage is a big step, and you need to take your time even when simply talking about it.
  3. Have a real heart to heart with your girlfriend when the time is right. Ask her how she feels. See if she is interested in getting married soon, and if so, how long the engagement should be before the actual wedding. It is best to get this talk out of the way, and then, when you are both in agreement, you can relax for a little while until you propose, and go from there, according to what you have talked about.
  4. First bring it up when you are alone with her, and you can tell that she is in a good mood. She should be able to have a genuine talk with you, and you should also be able to gauge her enthusiasm on the subject. Make sure that both of you are on the same page, and then both of you will feel at ease. Otherwise, you must compromise if you are to be together. Once you have had the talk, you will have what you need to know, and you can, if it is right for the two of you, move on with the engagement and marriage, and start your life together.

Learning how to talk to your girlfriend about marriage. can be tricky. Eventually, however, it is a talk that you each need to have with each other, as you want to be on the same page before any serious plans for your future together come into play, and you settle down with her.

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