How To Talk To A Girlfriend

Have you been having trouble communicating with your girlfriend and want to know how to talk to a girlfriend? For guys in general, it is already hard enough to talk to girls, especially since the majority of the time it probably seems like they are speaking a completely different language than you are. You are probably wondering how to talk to your girlfriend so you can understand her. Since girl's vocabulary consists of a lot of feelings and emotions, your have to keep this in mind when you are talking to your girlfriend. Here are a few ideas that can help you out some when talking to your girlfriend.

  1. Listen to your girlfriend when she talks. Girls like your undivided attention when you are in a conversation with her. When you have a girlfriend, she is dating you believing that you are going to pay attention to her. Listening to your girlfriend lets her know that you do like her and care for her. Think of things that she mentioned in the past and bring them up. She will be touched that you are listening and remembering things that she tells you.
  2. Avoid saying controversial things that might lead to a disagreement. In the beginning of a relationship when you are getting to know your girlfriend, you should be careful about expressing your opinion on everything. This can be a huge turn off at first. Later on, as your relationship progresses and you get to know each other better, you can slowly start to express your opinion more about things. As your relationship gets further along, your girlfriend will become more open to your opinion and ideas.
  3. Talk about things that you both enjoy. What is it that both of you are interested in? Maybe you both like sports, movies music or maybe there is a concert or play coming into town that both of you are interested in going to. Anything that you know you both have in common always makes for a great conversation when talking to your girlfriend.
  4. Do not be a "know-it-all." When your girlfriend begins to tell you things that you already know or that she has told you before, do not always tell her that you already know. When she is trying to explain something to you, it is very important that you let her explain it, even if you already know what she is about to say. Girls like to communicate all their feelings and thoughts. Being a "know-it-all" will be annoying to her.



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