How to Talk Her Into Wild Sex

Though it may seem daunting, it’s not hard to figure out how to talk her into wild sex. If you and your girlfriend or wife have a good relationship you are probably already on the right track. If you keep a few simple things in mind, you’ll have her doing the freaky kind of stuff you only see on the Internet in no time.  

  1. Build trust, get the lust. You have to have a solid sexual relationship with your partner to talk her into wild sex. If she thinks you’re cheating on her, if she thinks you’re not totally crazy about her, or if she thinks you’re only using her for sex (assuming she’s not OK with just having a screw buddy) she’s not going to trust you and leave herself vulnerable during wild sex.
  2. Do unto her as you would have her do unto you. If you’re the kind of guy who skips the foreplay, hits it, and then goes right to sleep, you might not be able to talk her into wild sex.  However, if you’re already an attentive lover and are unselfish in the sack, she’s going to be more willing to go that extra mile. If you treat her like queen and always consider her needs first, she’s going to want to reciprocate by going down the freaky path with you.  
  3. Take what she already likes to do…and give her more of it. If your partner has only ever expressed disgust at the thought of two women together, don’t think you’re going to easily talk her into a three-way with another girl. If she tells you she has a dream every night of being tied up in a sex club and getting beaten with whips, you might want to consider pursuing this avenue for making things freaky in the real world. To talk her into wild sex, frame your aspirations around what she is most likely to pursue with you.
  4. Present your scenario so she can think about it.  “Wild” means different things to different people…if she thinks that by “wild” you mean you want to spank her a bit…but in reality you want to wrap her in plastic wrap and pee on her while you wear a baby bonnet, you are going to have trouble once the lights go out. To talk her into wild sex, tell her what you’re thinking about so she can start to accept the idea.
  5. Pop the question just when she’s about to pop. Following up on the last item, to talk her into wild sex, bring up some scenarios and ideas while she’s in the throes of passion. She’ll probably agree—at least in theory—to anything you say at that moment. And while she may just think you were talking for the sake of fantasy or role play, at least you’ve planted the seed of what you’d like to try in the near future.
  6. Bring it up when she’s close to her peak during your next several sessions together, and then finally tell her that you actually, really want to try it. You’ve already had her thinking about it when she’s at her most open-to-suggestions sexually…there’s a good chance this will help her consider it for real.


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