How To Talk Like A Skateboarder

Dude, it’s rad to know how to talk like a skateboarder so you won’t sound like a poser. But don’t overdo it. You need to be natural, and fit in with the skateboarder subculture. Street skaters take risks, using any urban landscapes they find to challenge their skills and get stoked. When you’re out there doing an acid drop off a handrail or practicing an ollie, you don’t want to sound like a newb. Follow these steps to talk like a skateboarder:

Use skateboarder slang for people.

  • Poser– one who is faking it
  • Newb– a new skater
  • Chick-girl
  • Dude– a guy or girl, or used as an interjection

Use skateboarder slang for good or bad.

  • Sketchy– pretty bad
  • Sick– super good or super bad depending on the context
  • Ill– same as “sick”
  • Rad– awesome
  • Clean-really good, usually in regard to a skate trick

Use skateboarder slang for techniques.

  • Fakie– riding a skateboard backwards
  • Nollie– a trick on the very front of the skateboard
  • Acid Drop– dropping straight down off something high
  • Varial– spin the skateboard while in mid air
  • Grind– sliding on an object with both axles in contact
  • Kick flip or heel flip– to flip up the skateboard with your foot

It’s not necessary to use skateboarder slang all the time to be a skater. Don't try too hard, or you''ll be called a poser. Just wear clothes you can skate in effectively, and practice as much as possible. Grab you board, go out, and ride it with your whole self. You’ll get more respect by skating well and loving it, rather than just for using the lingo.

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