How To Talk To Women

When you are trying to figure out how to talk to women, there are a few things to keep in mind. It is said that a person develops an opinion of you within 30 seconds of meeting you. That means the first thing that comes out of your mouth better be significant, polite, engaging and not rude in anyway. Does that seem daunting? Don’t worry; these five tips will keep you in line.

  1. She is not like the boys. Even a woman who might engage in crude behavior is not going to want to hear it out of your mouth the first night. It is disrespectful to her as a woman. Don’t use lewd statement, curse words, inappropriate jokes or anything along those lines to try and win her over. It won’t work.
  2. Don’t go towards touchy subject. Politics, religion and anything else that might be controversial is a complete no-go. Those topics might be too personal for her to discuss with a stranger, thus making you rude for even asking. Worse than that, she might get really fired up and angry, especially if you have a view point different from hers. Just avoid it at all costs.
  3. Brush up on current events. Aside from the government, wars, disasters and other breaking news topics, mainstream culture can be a safe bet. Bring up a movie coming out soon, a breakout actor or singer, or that new museum downtown you want to check out. Keep the topic light, engaging and use the opportunity to get to know her interests and showcase yours a little bit.
  4. Ask her about herself. Steer away from lovers, parents and jobs. Get her relaxed and she might divulge this information, but if she never mentions it, there is probably a reason why. Now if things get hot and heavy, make sure she is a single lady. Other than that, don’t ask her to air out her dirty laundry. Ask her where she grew up, where she went to school (if she did) and her interests. Don’t drone on about yourself unless she asks!
  5. Be yourself. Nothing is more frustrating than falling for a man who you think acts one way only to find out is a completely different man. If you are kind of nerdy, be nerdy. If you have a comical personality, be an appropriate comedian. If you passionate about your job, express that. Be yourself and she will appreciate you more for that.
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