How Tall Is The Statue Of Liberty

If you will be visiting New York, you may find yourself wondering, "How tall is the Statue of Liberty?" The short answer is 305 feet including the base. Lady Liberty herself makes up 151 feet of that total. But why stop there? Here's a breakdown of some of the heights from toes to torch!

  1. Pedestal. The stone base that holds all else up is 89 feet tall. This makes up an important, though often overlooked, piece of the overall height of the Statue of Liberty.
  2. Foundation. The next layer in the full height of the Stature of Liberty is the 65 five foot tall foundation. This monumental base is in the shape of an eleven point star and was originally Fort Wood.
  3. Hear to toe. From heel to top of the head, The Statue of Liberty stands at an overall height of 111 feet, five inches.
  4. Index finger. The Statue of Liberty's finger is a whopping eight feet tall! Her fingernail alone is over a foot long!
  5. Head. The Statue of Liberty's  head measures seventeen feet three inches, of which the nose alone is four feet six inches long. Imagine that face peeking in your window!
  6. Right arm. The Statue of Liberty's extended right arm measures 42 feet high.
  7. Tablet. On the other hand, or rather in the other hand, the engraved tablet measures, 23 feet seven inches.

There are few images in America as recognizable as the Statue of Liberty. People of all ages and from all walks of life can still find inspiration in the history and message the iconic statue delivers. But until you see the Statue in her full height, you can't appreciate what an architectural treasure she really is. May she shine on for a long, long time!

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