How To Tame A Cat

Learning how to tame a cat is a great way to get free pest control services while also making a new friend. Unlike pet store cats, feral cats have been trained to hunt are quite skilled at it. Feral cats make great pets because they are not very demanding, they know how to hang outside and they truly appreciate you feeding them. But they are also wild and not so easy to tame like a new kitten or an adopted cat. If you plan to someday turn your cat into an indoor cat, you will face some challenges. Wild cats are more independent than cats reared by people. You have to give them their space or they will simply stop hanging out with you. Luckily, it is pretty easy to tame a cat.

To tame a cat, you will need:

  • Bowls for water and food
  • Cat food
  • Patience
  1. The chosen one. Rather than choosing a cat, let the cat choose you. Chances are there is probably a cat already hanging out around your house. Cats that choose you will either be dominant animals or young cats that are willing to risk being seen with a human if it means food. Now pick a suitable name for the cat , and call the cat by name every time you see it.
  2. Making friends. To tame a cat, the key is consistency. Try to offer food at the same time and always call the cat by the same name. Put out one bowl for food and one for water. Everyday, empty the water bowl and freshen it. While the cat probably won’t eat at first, keep offering food. Some wild cats have no idea what cat food is so mixing it with shredded chicken, tuna or sashimi is a great way to introduce cat food. A nifty way to call your new friend is to shake the cat food bag. Do this twice a day and the cat will always come when it hears the bag even if it ignores its name.
  3. Future considerations. After you make friends with the cat you should probably plan on getting it fixed. Male cats are not such a big deal but if the cat is female you will find yourself surrounded by kittens soon. If pest control is important to you, you may wish to encourage the cat to stay outside. While an indoor cat will still get the urge to hunt now and then, outdoor cats are always on the prowl. If you are a renter or have to move someday, make sure you consider the cat. After a feral cat gets used to cat food and companionship, it has become dependant on you.
  4. Don’t worry if your new cat won’t actually let you pet it. A wild cat that allows you to stand a few feet away has made huge strides into your world. Wild cats will most likely pet you first. One day when you are feeding it, the cat will rub up against you. After a few times, you will be able to pet the cat briefly and one day it may even try and sit in your lap.
  5. Remember, even the tamest of wild cats still enjoy running away periodically. They seem to especially enjoy being outside on full moon nights to hunt. This will become more infrequent as the animal ages. Male cats can disappear for weeks and then suddenly appear as if nothing is wrong. It is their nature.



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