How To Tap A Beer Keg

Learning how to tap a beer keg correctly can be the difference between the perfect party and a ruined event. The good news is, once you have the right equipment, tapping a beer keg is relatively simple. So, the most important step to tapping a beer keg is actually having the right stuff to do it with. After you've retrieved the keys to the locks, nothing but tasty alcoholic goodness awaits. Let's get that beer keg tapped so we can get to the more important activities at your shindig, like… drinking the beer.

  1. Imported Beer Kegs. Tapping an imported beer keg requires a different type of tap than, say, tapping a keg of American brewed beer. For example, a tap used for some imported brands of beer is called a European Sankey. It's better known as an "S" tap. There are also the "G", "U", and "A" taps that are compatible to certain imported beers. You'll be able to pick up the one you need when you purchase the keg. The attendant will be able to give you the right version in order to tap your beer keg.
  2. Domestic brews. If you want to tap a domesticated beer keg, the choice of taps is a lot simpler. There's only one type. Domesticated brands are compatible with a tap known as the "American D system". You can pick up one of these when you purchase your keg.
  3. Other stuff. For those beer aficionados out there, modern technology is wonderful. There are a number of items out there that can enhance and prolong the life of a keg. You've got Co2 dispensers that can can prolong the freshness of your tapped beer keg. There are sleeves that you can throw over your tapped beer keg that minimizes the foam and keeps the keg colder. Some brilliant person even came up with a way to turn your tapped beer keg into a refrigerator! Those of us in the inner circle of beer drinkers know this mythical apparatus as a "kegerator". The stuff dreams are made of! You need to check them out.
  4. Tapping a Beer Keg. Now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Let's tap this beer keg so we can get to the ambrosia inside. You may want to stretch first. Go ahead, we'll wait. Ready? Good. After you've gotten the right tap, tapping your beer keg is as simple as breaking the seal and screwing the tap in. The seal will be on the top of the keg. Push the tap through the seal, and screw it in clockwise as far as it will go. What a workout, right?


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