How To Tap A Heineken Mini Keg

The release of the Heineken mini-keg, with its patented Intelligent Pressure System and ten pint capacity, left many beer drinkers with only one question: how to tap a Heineken mini keg?

In what many beer drinkers hailed as the greatest invention of 2010, if not the entire decade, Heineken released the mini-keg, a ten pint system which included a patented system designed to ensure that the flow of beer remained consistent from the first glass to the last.

  1. The keg is a one way recycleable system which means you can recycle or throw it away, but you cannot refill it. Not if they want it to work anyway. This is chiefly due to the fact that the CO2 which provides the pressure and flow is internal and cannot be recharged.
  2. The keg should be chilled in the refrigerator for at least ten hours to ensure maximum flavor and enjoyment. After the beer is at the right temperature, locate the blister pack that came with the keg. It should contain all of the components necessary to tap the keg. Remove the components, then remove the green plastic cap from the top of the keg. Inside the blister pack is a green ring, remove it and snap it onto the top of the keg. Remove the mini tap from the packaging and snap it into place in the center of the ring. 
  3. The pour is made by gently pressing the  round, slightly concave green disk that protrudes from the rear of the plastic forward until it presses down on the mini tap and the beer begins to flow. To reduce the foamy head on the beer, tilt the glass slightly sideways and allow the beer to run down the inside of the glass rather than splashing into the center.
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