How to Tap a Keg

While it might seem like one of the easier things to prepare for a party, learning how to tap a keg is a crucial step to avoid ending up with 100 beers worth of foam, thus delaying the drinking and frustrating party-goers. From the back of the liquor store to your kitchen, deck, or backyard, the keg has quite a distance to travel before being ready to go. When attempting to open up 165 beers at once, a little more patience and caution is needed than when cracking a can or bottle.

To tap a keg you will need:

  • a keg of beer
  • a truck to transport it in
  • friends to help you carry it
  • a tap
  1. Purchase and transport the keg back to the party destination. Although this might seem obvious, the care and method for moving the keg can affect its effectiveness and ability to pour correctly. If possible, use a truck so the container can stand upright, as opposed to smashing around in the trunk of a car, generating foam and pressure.
  2. Allow the keg to rest after setting it down. Once a spot is chosen, leave the keg alone for a while before getting ready to tap. Hopefully, the 165 lb. can of beer hasn’t been shaken around so much that it’s ready to explode.
  3. Remove the cap. This will reveal the opening for tapping the keg.
  4. Line up the tap with the slots on the opening on top and ball bearing in the middle. Ensure the tap is in the correct position, as if it’s already in the tapped position, beer will spray out once applying pressure to the ball bearing.
  5. Apply pressure to the tap, pushing down into the ball bearing. This needs to be done relatively fast in order to avoid making a mess and worst of all, wasting beer.
  6. While pressing down, screw the tap in clockwise. Do this in one fluid motion, and it should snap into place, securely tapping the keg.
  7. Once the tap is in place, pour out a pitcher of beer. After the initial tap, there will be some foamy brew that pours out quickly. Avoid pumping the keg for a bit if possible, the beer should pour on its own at first.
  8. Allow the keg a few minutes to settle, and then start drinking! The foam should stop, and learning how to tap a keg can be that easy.


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