How To Tap A Mini Keg

If you enjoy drinking beer, you may benefit from learning how to tap a mini keg. Mini kegs are a great way to transport beer and the pressurized system built into many modern mini kegs today ensure the flow of beer remains consistent. It's the ideal choice for someone who needs beer for a party. This article will teach your how to tap a mini keg.

  1. Once you buy your mini keg, you should chill it in the refrigerator for at least ten hours. By doing this, you can ensure that the beer will be at its absolute best when you drink it. 

  2. Locate the blister pack that came with the mini keg. It should be on top of the keg. If you can't find it, look in and around the packaging of the keg to find it. If you've lost it completely, you can use the blister pack from another mini keg to set up your mini keg. This blister pack will contain all the necessary components to tap the keg.

  3. Put together your tap for your mini keg. This should be fairly simple for the steps in tapping your mini keg. The large conical piece is the base of your tap. Place the smallest piece into the small notch in the conical piece, and place the head of the tap inside the large conical piece above the smallest piece. Then, take the small tube, and fit it inside the longer, slightly bent tube. Make sure these two pieces are connected away from the bent end. Plug the small tube that is now attached to the larger tube into the head of the tap. The round, slightly concave green disk with the beer logo on it is your lever. Fit the knob at its base into the head of your tap.

  4. Remove the green plastic cap from the top of the mini keg. You can do this by holding on to the keg with your dominant hand, grabbing a hold of the cap with your other hand and twisting the cap off by turning it counterclockwise.

  5. Remove a green ring from the blister pack. Snap this ring on top of the keg. Once you do this, take your tap and snap it into place at the center of this ring. You are now ready to use your mini keg.

  6. Get a cup, mug, tankard, etc of your choosing and place it below the tap of the mini keg. Press down firmly against the lever of the mini keg to cause the beer to flow out of the tap. If you would like to reduce the amount of foam, tilt your glass slightly to the side. This will cause the beer to run down the side of the glass, rather than splash into the center.

It's important to note that after you use your mini keg, it cannot be reused. This is because the carbon dioxide inside the mini keg that provides the pressure to keep a constant flow cannot be replaced. As a result, after use, you should recycle it or just throw it away.


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