How To Tape Ankles For Football

Learning how to tape ankles for football players is important for preventing further ankle injuries. Throughout the course of a season football players get their ankles stepped on or lose their footing, and the result is most often a twisted ankle. Whether it is in practice or in a game, playing football on a bad ankle is very painful, and taping the ankle is the easiest and quickest way to keep players on the football field.

 To tape an ankle, you will need:

  • Athletic Table or Bench
  • One Roll of Pre-Wrap
  • One Roll of Athletic Tape

 Steps to taping an ankle:

  1. Have the player lay on an athletic table or bench with the injured ankle hanging off the end of the bench or table. Remember to have the player take their sock off. The ankle needs to be off the end of the table or bench because it makes taping the ankle easier.
  2. Using a pre-wrap, start wrapping above the ankle joint about three to five inches. Wrap down to the bottom of the leg, and go in a diagonal direction over the top of the foot. Wrap around the foot until all the skin is covered with pre-wrap. There is no need to wrap the entire ankle more than two or three times with pre-wrap. The purpose of the pre-wrap is to keep the tape from sticking to the player’s skin.
  3. Have the player position their foot so that it is perpendicular to the leg. Attach a piece of tape under the heel and bring the tape up over the ankle bone on the outside of their leg. Repeat this on the inside of the leg. This helps keep the ankle and leg perpendicular and will be the foundation of support for the ankle.  More than one piece of tape on both sides may be required to help keep the ankle supported.
  4. Start at the top of the ankle and begin wrapping the tape around the ankle in the same pattern the pre-wrap was. The key is to go under the foot and come back up around the top of the ankle. This will further strengthen and support the ankle. When taping an ankle for football players it is important to remember to not make the tape too tight around the ankle. It is also important to remember to not use too much tape. Taping an ankle should allow the football player to have full range of movement and should not be used to immobilize the ankle.
  5. Another important thing to remember is to make the tape look good around the ankle. It may seem silly, but an athlete with a taped ankle that looks good will feel confident that they will not be risking injury to the ankle.
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