How To Tape Bicep Tendon Strain

Learning how to tape bicep tendon strain can be a very helpful and useful tool. Learning how to tape a bicep tendon stain can be especially helpful for an athlete or a person who visits a gym frequently. Athletes and people who expose their muscles to possible injuries by injecting stress on different muscle groups will benefit most from learning how to tape a bicep tendon strain.

To tape a bicep tendon strain, you will need:

  • Strapping tape
  • Ointment
  1. Properly strapping and taping a muscle can prevent an injury and protect an athlete from re-injury. The first thing you need to learn is the proper technique for taping a muscle strain. If the muscle is not taped properly to begin with, you may actually end up doing more harm than good. To tape a muscle properly, you must first locate where the muscle is actually strained. Once you have located the bicep strain, you may begin to tape the bicep tendon strain.
  2. Before you tape the bicep tendon strain, it is important to treat it first. Treating the tendon strain prior to taping it is very important for the overall bicep muscle taping. You will need to apply an appropriate ointment to the strain muscle. Be sure to massage the ointment in completely. This will prevent the ointment from sticking to the tape that you will apply to the bicep muscle strain.
  3. Now that the ointment is applied, you can massage and tape the bicep tendon strain. Massage the bicep muscle gently. Cut a small piece of strapping tape. Make sure there is enough tape to completely cover the injured bicep. You will need to wrap the tape around the bicep tendon strain four times. You can secure the tape with a safety pin or with another strapping tape.


Muscle taping should be combined with rehabilitation.

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