How to Tape Fingers for Football

How to tape fingers for football depends on the position you are playing. Football players tape their fingers for various reasons. Most do so for added protection or to guard an injury. Others tape their fingers in football to increase the grip on the ball. Taping fingers for football is a legal method to gain a slight edge or to enhance your confidence. In this article, we will look at the two basic methods of taping fingers in football. Taping your fingers as a ball handler (quarterback or holder) is to increase grip on the ball but should be used sparingly. Taping fingers in football as a position player is to enhance the protection of or provide cushion to the fingers.

What you will need to tape your fingers for football:

  • Sports tape ¼” width
  • Scissors

How To Tape Fingers For Football – Ball handler: Grip

  1. Apply to your throwing or dominate hand (for handling snaps for kickers). Measure out two short strips, cut with scissors.
  2. Apply to middle finger. Place tape between the top and middle knuckle. Wrap tightly, but not so tights as to cut off circulation.
  3. Next, apply to ring finger. Again, place between the first and middle knuckle. Tape on these two fingers will give you additional grip on the ball. Change out tape at half time and you should be set for the game

How To Tape Fingers For Football – Position player: Offense. Many wide receivers and running backs like to tape their fingers. This is to provide grip and some cushion in lieu of gloves. Measure off four pieces of tape (enough to wrap around the fingers).

  1. Apply first piece to the index finger between the first and middle knuckle. Apply the next piece to the middle finger between the first and middle knuckle. Repeat this with the ring finger and pinkie.
  2. Repeat this process for your other hand. Position players use both hands, so grip is equally important across them. You can also apply tape between the middle knuckle and hand knuckle. Or, you can move the tape down from between the first and middle knuckle.

How To Tape Fingers For Football – Defense and offensive linemen. Taping the hands of defensive players and offensive linemen is a common practice. In all cases the player must decide what their goal is. Most commonly it is to protect the fingers or an existing injury.

  1. Cut off as many strips of tape as you feel you will need for the hands. In most cases, you will be taping fingers together to avoid or aid an injury. Using one finger taped against another to act as a splint.
  2. Apply tape liberally ensuring it is matted down by running your hand over it. You can tape over the top of the fingers to protect against jamming and provide extra padding. When taping your fingers for football you want to make sure that the tape is helping ant hindering your play. This has to be done on an individual and case-by-case trial.

Tip: Work with your trainer or coaching staff to better asses your individual need. They and you will know best.

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