How To Tape Up A Heavy Bag

Knowing how to tape up a heavy bag for boxing is an old technique that brings back memories of the boxers of old. It is believed that taping up a boxing heavy bag is a good way to prolong its life and to help keep it firm. Boxing bags are durably constructed in today’s market and taping really doesn’t do much. However, it doesn’t hurt and if it can support a chance of a stitch tear and keep the guts from falling all over the floor, then what is the harm? Also, how about the old time look and feel that a nicely taped bag can add to a gym?

To tape up a heavy bag for boxing is a simple process that takes a little pride in craftsmanship and an appreciation of the history of the sport.

Things you will need to tape up a heavy bag:

  • Duct tape (color your choice – nostalgia is silver)
  • Electrical tape (color your choice – nostalgia is black)
  • Scissors
  1. To tape a heavy bag it is best if it is already installed. Ensure the bag is secure before you begin to tape.
  2. Take the start of the duct tape roll and place it in the middle of the bottom of the heavy bag. Work the tape up the side, about one third of the way. Cut the duct tape and run your hand over it to make sure it is flush
  3. Move back to the same spot as before. Run the duct tape up the side in the opposite direction of the first piece of duct tape. Cut the duct tape and run your hand over it to make sure it is flush
  4. Move back again to the same beginning spot but this time place the duct tape perpendicular to the other pieces of duct tape. The idea here is to run the duct tape up four sides of the heavy bag. Cut the duct tape and run your hand over it to make sure it is flush
  5. From the point where the three pieces of duct tape run up the side (about one-third the way up), place a piece of duct tape around the bag. Continue around the bag, moving the duct tape down slowly as you do.
  6. Work the duct tape all the way to the bottom. Once there, you will work the duct tape across the bottom of the bag until it is completely covered
  7. Make two runs around where it starts to curve around the bottom. This is to cover the duct tape you used on the bottom that ran up the sides, take this time to rub the heavy bag down ensuring all the duct tape is set against the surface.
  8. Lastly, take the electrical tape and make three passes at the one-third point at the top of the heavy bag. Be sure to wrap tight and cut when done. Run your hands over the electrical tape firmly.

Tip: you may need more than one roll of duct tape depending on the size of your heavy bag.

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