How to Tape a Hockey Stick

Learning how to tape a hockey stick properly is an important part of maintaining the life of your ice hockey stick, as well as improving its performance. Tape on an ice hockey stick protects the composite material from impact with the puck, other players and anything else that gets in your way. The tape will also support the handling of the puck, which in turn will increase the quality of your game. Tape on an ice hockey stick is placed in two areas: the shaft and blade. In this article, we will examine the proper way to tape your blade for optimal performance and protection.

To tape a hockey stick, you will need:

  • An ice hockey stick
  • 1" hockey tape (cloth is best)
  • Scissors
  • Hockey wax
  1. Hold the hockey stick firmly with the blade up. Begin about one inch from the toe and unravel the tape about six inches to give you room to start taping the blade.
  2. Place the tape in the middle of the blade. Working the tape over the blade in an even motion, ensure that you are covering the blade as you work from the toe to the heel.
  3. Stop about one inch from the heel. Use the heel of your hand or a hockey puck to smooth out the tape.
  4. Finally, apply hockey wax to the tape in the same direction you applied the tape. Allow the wax and tape time to cure before you use your hockey stick.

There you have it, simple and clean. The tape you can use comes in various colors and designs, so use what you like. Make sure it is cloth, however, as cloth makes a better tape for hockey stick blades.



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