How To Tape Ice Hockey Goalie Sticks

Need to know how to tape an ice hockey goalie stick? Playing ice hockey is a fast paced sport requiring speed, agility and conditioning-even for the goalie. But the ice can cause problems with equipment, as pucks can easily slip off the end of a hockey stick and sticks can slip out of the grip of the player. The ice hockey goalie especially needs to hold their stick with complete control in order to be able to stop or deflect an oncoming puck. With this in mind, knowing how to tape an ice hockey goalie stick is critical. Using the appropriate grip tape and method for taping the two critical surfaces will help a lot with grip and control.

To tape an ice hockey goalie stick you will need:

  • Hockey stick
  • Grip tape
  • Scissors
  • Wax or an old candle

Wrapping the blade of an ice hockey goalie stick.

  1. Begin by taping the very bottom edge of the blade. Then fold the edges of the tape along both sides of the blade evenly.
  2. Start with the heel or toe of the blade. Begin taping around the blade at a slight angle to move the strip of tape along the blade until the entire blade is covered with a layer of tape. When taping a wooden hockey stick blade it is a good idea to wrap the tape a few inches above the point where the blade meets the shaft. This spot on a wooden hockey stick is the most susceptible for breakage and the tape can give some reinforcement.
  3. While taping, make sure that there are not any folds, bubbles or uneven areas along the taped blade. This can cause catching with a puck or open a hole for water and ice to move in.
  4. After completing the taping of the blade, rub down the taped areas with stick wax or candle wax. This will prevent the tape and the blade from getting water-logged and coming off at a bad time.

Wrapping the handle of the ice hockey goalie stick.

  1. To create a better grip surface on the handle of the ice hockey goalie stick most players will create finger grips on the handle. Start by pulling twelve to fourteen inches of tape from the roll but do not cut it.
  2. Slowly twist or spin the tape so that it creates a rope like configuration.
  3. Starting at the top of the goalie stick, wrap the “rope” around the top and then begin wrapping down the goalie stick in a diagonal pattern. Each strip or grip spot should be about one inch apart
  4. Upon reaching the bottom of your tape rope, begin taping around that point and then in a diagonal pattern back up to the top of the stick. This is done just like it would be done for the blade of the stick.
  5. Once you’ve reached the top of the hockey stick you can wrap the very top once or twice to give extra size to the top of the stick. This can help prevent losing the stick when doing a poke check or other stick move. This is a very popular method of taping for defensemen as well. In fact, some players and goalies will wrap their hockey sticks all the way down to the midpoint of the stick to get a better grip with both hands.
  6. Rub down the taped areas with candle wax or stick wax to waterproof the taped area.
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