How To Teach A Backhand Ground Stroke In Tennis

It is not that difficult to learn how to teach a backhand ground stroke in tennis.  Take your time in expressing the steps towards learning the backhand ground stroke for beginners who are not accustomed to this stroke.  Use the following steps to learn how to teach a backhand ground stroke in tennis.

  1. Focus on the player's stance first.  The individual must have his or her feet in the correct positioning for the backhand ground stroke.  Emphasize this first before moving on to the actual stroke.  You may also show the player how to step into the shot so that the movement of the racquet can then be focused.
  2. Demonstrate how to hold the tennis racquet.  For the backhand ground stroke, show the player how to hold the racquet properly.  Emphasize the strong hand being closer to the racquet head, and the firm, yet comfortable tennis grip.
  3. Slowly work into performing the actual backhand ground stroke shot.  Put the stance and the grip together to begin implementing the shot.  Of course the movement of the racquet and the body's movement will take some time for the player to get used to.  Give him or her some time and some occasional pointers, in regards to the basics of tennis.
  4. Work on the backhand ground stroke with the player.  Give the player some practice with the shot.  It is important that you make comments to the player's level.  Only make comments on the fundamentals if the player is just learning the shot.  Then, you may later point out useful specifics for the shot.  Take it slow and let the player have fun with the backhand tennis ground stroke as it is learned.
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