How To Teach Basketball 2-3 Zone Defense To Grade Schooler

It is important to know how to teach basketball 2-3 zone defense to grade schoolers if you are coaching. The basketball two-three zone defense is the most basic basketball defense and appropriate for grade schoolers to learn. Take the following points into consideration before teaching basketball two-three zone defense to grade schoolers.

To teach the basketball two-three zone defense, you will need:

  • A basketball
  • Basketball court
  • A whistle
  • Children ready to learn
  • Drawing board (helpful, but not necessary)
  1. Put the children in position. The easiest way to describe two-three zone defense is to show them the basic formation. Place them in the correct position based on their height and speed. Make sure they understand that this is their position every time on defense; you don't want them to be confused.
  2. Show them their responsibilities. You will need to explain to the children how far they need to come out according to their position in the basketball two-three zone defense. While the basketball two-three zone defense allows for judgment calls, you want to stress their area of responsibility foremost, at least in the beginning.
  3. Talk to them about the dynamics of the defense. The grade schoolers will need to know about switching and other elements of the basketball two-three zone defense, at least at an easy as they start to learn. Emphasize defending the paint.
  4. Make sure they know how to rebound in the defense.  Rebounding is always a weakness in defensive zones.  Make sure they understand how to block out and rebound as a team.
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