How To Teach Capoeira Lessons

Want to learn how to teach Capoeira lessons efficiently? After studying Capoeira for sufficient time and mastering the moves and rhythm yourself, teaching is the obvious next step. Many teachers find that their own form improves when they begin sharing their Capoeira lessons with students. Teaching Capoeira lessons can also bring additional income or could be a way to get quality volunteer hours in at a local YMCA, school or fitness organization.

  1. Prepare your credentials, if any, to present to potential employers. Most fitness facilities, schools, gyms or family organizations will require some form of proof that you are qualified to teach Capoeira. The alternative is opening your own Capoeira school or running private classes separate from a facility or organization. If you received some form of rank or accomplishment with Capoeira, or have engaged in Capoeira competitions, have documentation to share or add to a resume. If possible, include a DVD of you performing Capoeira.
  2. Design a sample lesson or two to demonstrate your teaching ability and efficiency at presenting the information. The sample lesson should be designed for absolute beginners. Prepare to demonstrate moves, explain the delivery technique of the moves, the potential application of the moves (i.e. Where to hit? Is it effective?) and teach the rhythm associated with Capoeira and Capoeira music. It can be helpful to have a sample lesson plan ready to demonstrate planning abilities as a teacher as well.
  3. Consult with local martial arts schools, gyms, fitness facilities, schools and family organizations to see if any are interested in having you teach Capoeira lessons. To optimize your potential, prepare to be as professional as possible. Dress in business attire or business casual attire—no jeans, sneakers, flip-flop sandals, T-shirts or Capoeira practice outfits. Have several copies of your resume and the DVD, if possible, ready to leave at each location. Walk into the organizations and request to talk to someone personally, rather than simply calling to ask if they are interested.
  4. In the event no local facilities are interested, it is still possible to teach Capoeira lessons as a private instructor. Consult with friends who may be interested in learning or know others who may be interested in learning Capoeira. Capoeira can be performed just about anywhere, so if weather permits, the lessons could be taught at a local park or in someone’s backyard. Have a set, reasonable price to charge students and consider price discounts if multiple lessons are purchased at once. Be sure to create a medical waiver and have students sign before beginning lessons. Also select a receipt system, even if just hand-written on receipt pads from a local office supply store; this ensures the sale is recorded and can be used to file taxes later.
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