How To Teach A Child To Swim

Teaching someone to swim can be complex enough, but learning how to teach a child to swim can be a whole different story. A child is learning at a basic level that requires the teacher to have an overwhelming amount of patience. You may get those kids that are so afraid of water that they wont even look at the pool. Then you'll get those kids who love water so much that you'll have to save them from drowning. Even though teaching a child to swim can be tiring, it's really encouraging once they finally can swim on their own.

  1. Practice kicking. A huge part of swimming is kicking. If you do not kick your legs then you probably will not get far. An easy way to teach a child this is to have them grab onto the side of the pool that acts like a wall. Tell them to stick their feet out so that their body is at a horizontal angle. Now the child should begin moving their feet up and down as though they are kicking a ball. Have the child do this for few minutes. Let them rest, then have them kick for another few minutes, and then rest again.
  2. Practice hand movements. Show the child how to properly swim with their arms using a circular motion. Put your hand on the child's chest/stomach to support them as they practice the motions. The child can also practice kicking. You can move the child through the water while you are still supporting them as they practice the motions.
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