How To Teach Girlfriend To Masturbate You

Teaching your girlfriend how to masturbate you can be an amazing experience. Many guys think that girls have no interest in learning how to masturbate them, but this simply isn't true. Most girlfriends want to please their boyfriends, so they are more than willing to learn to masturbate them. Follow these simple directions and your girlfriend will be masturbating you in know time.

To teach your girlfriend how to masturbate you, you will need:

  • A few candles
  • Lubrication
  • Porn movie that has scenes of a woman masturbating a man


  1. Talk to her about it. Don't shy away from talking to your girlfriend about masturbating you. Even if your girlfriend isn't ready to have sex with you, she might me ready to masturbate you. Just casually tell your girlfriend that you would love to teach her how to masturbate you.
  2. Take it slow. Don't try and force your girlfriend to masturbate you. If you want to teach your girlfriend to masturbate you, you are going to have to wait until she is ready. If she says she is not ready then tell her your more than willing to wait until she is ready.
  3. Watch a porn movie with good scenes of a woman masturbating a man. Many men are scared to bring out a porn movie in front of their girlfriend, but they shouldn't be, because it is a great way to teach your girlfriend to masturbate you. Light some candles, to help set a romantic mood, and then put the porn movie on to watch. When the movie gets to a scene where a woman is masturbating a guy, be sure to tell your girlfriend how much it would turn you on if she did that to you.
  4. Masturbate in front of your girlfriend. If your truly want to teach your girlfriend how to masturbate you then you will masturbate in front of her. The truth is most women love to watch a guy masturbate, so break out your best lubricating lotion and go to town. Masturbating in front of your girlfriend could turn her on so much that she might offer to jump in and help you finish the job.
  5. Compliment her. When you are teaching your girlfriend how to masturbate you, you will want to compliment everything she does right. Since women can be intimidated when they are learning how to masturbate a guy, they need to be reassured that they are doing it correctly. If she squeezes your balls and you love it then you need to tell her how much you love it.



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