How to Teach Hockey to Kids

If you know how to teach hockey to kids properly, you will be able to allow the children to have fun and learn more about the sport.  This can be done by showing them the basics so that they can develop appreciation for the game and have a good time.  Take the following into consideration in teaching hockey to kids.

  1. Begin by showing the kids how to pass and handle the puck.  Allow them to see and practice how to handle and pass the puck properly.  These are very fundamental to their development in learning how to play hockey.  You can show kids how to do this properly and then perhaps have them practice with each other.
  2. Have the kids practice shooting slap shots and wrist shots.  One fun way to get the kids involved is to have them shoot the puck a little.  They will have fun learning how to take a slap shot and a wrist shot.  Again, run a few drills to give them some time to have fun shooting the puck.
  3. Demonstrate defensive basics.  If they are going to have a grasp on the fundamentals of the game, it is important to have some time dedicated to playing defense.  Show them the defensive hockey basics, such as staying in front of their player and trying to knock the puck loose for the steal.
  4. Let them play.  Letting them have some free time to play a little will encourage them to have fun and to practice playing hockey.  According to their age and skill level, the kids could perhaps play a game with some simple rules.
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