How To Teach A Kid To Pitch In Baseball

Keep it simple in order to learn how to teach a kid to pitch in baseball.  By focusing on the basics, you can help the child appreciate the position and have fun.  In time he or she can develop the skills necessary to be able to pitch in baseball.

  1. Begin with the basics of the wind-up position.  Emphasize the placement of the feet and toes.  Do not get too specific with where everything should be: as long as arms are comfortably in the right place and the feet are shoulder width apart, it should be fine.
  2. Move onto the grip of the pitch.  Show the child how to grip for a basic fastball inside of his or her glove before the pitch.  It is important not to get into different pitches until the kid is comfortable with the mechanics of pitching.  You do not want to confuse someone when they are just beginning to learn how to pitch.
  3. Demonstrate the mechanics of the motion.  The motion is difficult to talk through.  Demonstrate the movement of the legs as the arm prepares to throw the ball.  It is good to stop before pushing off with the back foot for the pitch, as you need to break it up so that it is not too confusing.
  4. Pick up with the pivot and release.  Now move into the pivot and the swinging of the pitching arm.  Demonstrate the follow through after the release of the ball.
  5. Observe and allow the child to practice pitching.  Once you have demonstrated both steps of the pitching motion, allow the kid to pitch the baseball.  Make sure he or she understands the fundamentals of the pitching motion.
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