How To Teach Motion Offense In Basketball

Knowing how to teach motion offense in basketball is important for all levels of coaches.  Professional players down to school aged children can use the motion offense effectively.  Center on these primary areas of focus in order to teach the motion offense in basketball.

  1. Help the players understand the basis of the motion offense.  Unless you want to run actual sets of the motion offense, describing the tendencies of the motion offense will help the players make their own decisions when the offense is executed.  Describe how the motion keeps continuing with movement away from the ball and with ball movement.
  2. Teach the players to screen after the pass.  The motion offense commonly sees the player with the ball passing.  Then, he or she moves to the opposite side of the court in order to set a screen for the teammate to get open.  This is an important fundamental to the motion offense.
  3. Make sure they know how to execute the back screen.  Also a prime technique in the motion offense, the back screen allows for quick and effective screens for players to get open.
  4. The flare screen is also important.  The flare screen is set on the perimeter to make a path for an open player to receive the ball around the top of the key.
  5. Teach the continuity of the offense and how to play to players' strengths.  The offense must run continually and be fluid.  Also, your team should be aware of the strengths of the players, so that you can get players open to their preferred offensive positions.
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