How To Teach Private Swimming Lessons

You might want to learn how to teach private swimming lessons if you're looking to make a little money during the summer or even turn it into a full-time job. Because it's a one-on-one class, most people will be willing to pay more money for the private attention that they receive.

  1. Find a place to teach lessons. One of the first things you need to know when thinking about teaching private swimming lessons, is that you always must make sure that you are covered. It isn't enough to just find a pool and start teaching private swimming lessons. Even if you are going to work in your own home, make sure that you have some type of insurance coverage. You should also come up with an amount that you are going to charge per lesson.
  2. Gather materials that you'll need. When it comes to teaching private swimming lessons, you're going to need to come up with all of the equipment on your own. If you are teaching children, you will need all sorts of things to keep them actively engaged during the lesson. You could have water guns, balls, diving sticks, etc. For adults, or more proficient swimmers, you'll need a kick board, flippers, and maybe a timer to see if they are improving as they practice.
  3. Find clients to teach private swimming lessons to. If you were already teaching private swimming lessons with another company or at another pool, there is a chance that some of those people will want to sign up for private swimming lessons with you. Make sure to get their contact information and give them yours.
  4. Create a schedule. You don't want to be at the pool for an hour, away for three, and back at the pool for a half an hour. Come up with the times that you would like to be teaching private swimming lessons. This way, when someone calls, you can give them the times you have available.
  5. Cater each lesson to the individual in the class. When there are multiple students, it can be hard for each one to get attention. With private swimming lessons, you have the chance to work with one or two people and address their biggest concerns.  If a concept isn't grasped by the student, go back over it. That's the beauty of private swim lessons, you've got the time. 

Knowing how to teach private swimming lessons give you a chance to make a little extra money while doing something that you love.

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