How To Teach Swimming Lessons For Kids

In order to learn how to teach swimming lessons for kids, it is important to take classes and receive some type of certification. These classes will not only teach you the basics of teaching swimming lessons for kids, but also give you hands on, practical experience before letting you take on a class alone. As a side note, it is important to make sure that if you have over four kids in a beginner class, you should have at least one assistant to keep things safe.

  1. Be fun. Because you are teaching swimming lessons for kids, you need to make sure that class is fun. You want them to learn and you want to improve their skills, but if class isn't fun you are going to have a tough time keeping their attention.
  2. Plan each lesson and each session. Take the number of classes that you have in each session and decide what skills you want teach at the swimming lessons for kids. This way, you can break it up into smaller lessons. Kids will feel accomplishment at the end of each meeting instead of overwhelmed about learning something big all at one time. Also, the better you plan, the smoother classes will run and the more success you will have.
  3. Address safety issues at the start of each class. This is especially important if you are teaching swimming lessons for kids that are inexperienced around the water. Make sure they know not to go into the water without letting you know and why they shouldn't push other people from class into the water. You want them to understand that the water can be fun, but it can also be dangerous if you aren't careful.
  4. Make up games or silly stories to help them understand what you want them to learn. For example, when you are teaching them to float, you want to give them something to distract them to keep them relaxed with their head back in the water. Make up silly names for each of the strokes and make it seem  hysterical to blow bubbles while you are underwater. Swimming lessons for kids need to be filled with things they can relate to.
  5. Encourage them as much as you can. When you see them follow directions or try something new, make sure that you come across as their biggest cheerleader. Give them positive feedback throughout the lessons to keep them motivated and happy with the work they are completing. When you teach swimming lessons for kids, the main goal is to make sure that they enjoy the time they spend in the water and see the potential that they have when it comes to swimming.

When you know how to teach swimming lessons for kids, you have the chance to make the difference in the lives of children interested in the water.

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