How To Teach Your Cat Tricks

If you know how to teach your cat tricks then you can have lots of fun with your furry little feline friend. Gather a few of these things. Soon you will have your cat doing tricks to keep your family and friends entertained for hours.

What you need to teach your cat tricks:

  • One cat that is heathy.
  • One bag of cat treats.
  •  One string or fluffy feather toy.


  1. Take your cat and engage him or her with the string or fluffy feather toy. Make your cat engage with you by moving the string or feather toy around in front of them. Cats like to see a movement followed by a pause. Then make a really fast movement and stop. Repeat this and your cat will be ready to learn tricks.
  2. Show the cat what you want them to do. As you show the cat the trick reward them when they obey. This is done with the treat. Show the treat only after the trick is repeated. Keep it interesting for the cat.
  3. Repeat the tricks until the cat is successfully reacting to the order. Reward them each time the cat obeys with their treat. Each time you practice this the cat will get better. Practice often and soon your kitty will have it down.

Remember that your cat is the one to show you how to teach your cat tricks. Only he or she can really do what they want. The tips serve as a guide for you. Repeat them until you have the results that you like. Repetition and fun are the keys to success.



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