How To Teach Yourself To Skateboard

Do you want to learn how to teach yourself to skateboard? Skateboarding looks fun and easy, but you know it take a lot of practice to learn how to ride one. Learning how to skateboard can be challenging, and you will have to be very patient while teaching yourself.  Don't expect to learn tricks overnight. Expect that you will fall a lot in the beginning of skateboarding, and possibly even get injured at times.

To teach yourself how to skateboard you will need:

  • a skateboard
  • patience
  1. Purchase a skateboard and supplies. You can go to your local skate shop and ask questions about beginner skate boards. This is a great way to see what works and what doesn’t. Find out what type of skateboard you should purchase. See what they suggest is sufficient, and will last you a while.  If needed, purchase comfortable clothing, and new sneakers.
  2. Get comfortable with your skateboard Find a good level place to skate, like a concrete driveway or sidewalk. Learn to balance with both feet comfortably on the skateboard. Find out the most comfortable way for you to stand on your skateboard with one food on and one food off, as if you were about to push off. Get used to the feel of the board. Feel how it leans, and how the wheels spin.
  3. Work on your stance and your skate. Skate around your driveway and on the sidewalk. Push off at a comfortable speed by pushing your back foot backwards off the ground towards the direction you want to go in. Bend your knees to help you with your turns and to balance yourself. Turn by gently leaning the skateboard in the direction that you want to go, and put your weigh into your heels or toes. To stop slow yourself down gradually by putting your back foot against the ground and take small steps until you stop.
  4. Practice, practice, practice. The more you practice, the better you will become. Work on your speed, sharp turns, and foot movement.  Watch skateboarding videos in slow motions, and get books on skateboarding. Every day, try something different and new. Start off with a simple trick. Don't get discouraged when you fall, it's just part of the learning process. Have fun, keep practicing, and keep trying tricks. Eventually you will get the hang of it.
  5. Go skate. Find a skating park with other skaters to skate with. Find skating events and activities to attend. You can learn even more by watching other skaters' different styles and skill levels. Go back to you local skate store if you need any additional advice, tips, guidance, or encouragement.  Always be open and willing to learn and try new tricks.
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