How To Tear Down A Coleman Vela 6 Person Tent

Learning how to tear down a Coleman Vela 6-person tent is necessary if you enjoy camping and intend to prolong the life of your tent. Coleman Vela tents can last for years of hard use as long as they are taken care of properly. If you enjoy camping with your family or a group of friends, read on to learn about properly taking down your 6-person Coleman Vela tent.

To tear down a Coleman Vela 6-person tent, you will need:

  • A tent bag
  • A stake bag
  • A rod bag
  • Your Coleman Vela 6-person tent
  1. Empty the tent. Before you begin taking the tent down in any way, you need to remove the sleeping bags, clothes, cooler and any other camping gear you may have stored in the tent.
  2. Allow for air to escape your Coleman Vela tent. Close the windows and door of the tent almost all the way. The screens should be closed completely with the windows and door left open a few inches. This will allow for air to escape as you fold up your 6-person tent.
  3. Dry the tent. You never want to put any kind of tent away wet. If you do, you can cause mold or mildew to grow on the tent. At the very least, it will stink the next time you use it, and it may even be damp. Dry off your Coleman Vela tent by allowing the sun to burn off the dew. Clean the inside of the tent with a dry towel to remove all the moisture.
  4. Remove the stakes. Pull the stakes out of the ground and place them in the bag provided. As you remove the stakes, unhook the ropes that are attached to the stakes and the tent.
  5. Remove the poles. To remove the poles, take them out of the small pockets that they are inserted into at the bottom of the tent. The poles are easiest to pull out if they are straight. The material will move easily since the tent has no stakes. To straighten the poles, you can simply allow the tent to collapse. The poles will straighten out and you can slide them through the non-snagging sleeve. Fold the poles up and put them in the bag provided.
  6. Fold your 6-person tent. Lay out your Coleman Vela tent so that it is flat and symmetrical. Fold the tent in half, then fold it again. Repeat this process until the tent is folded small enough to fit into the bag provided. As you fold the tent, push the air out of it by applying pressure to the material.
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