How To Tease Your Hair

Learn how to tease your hair to achieve some of those trendy, fun styles. Teasing hair is a style from the 80's that mostly teen girls used to style their hair and is now updated to get the scene and emo style. The emo style works on both guys and ladies. Teasing hair is not kind to the hair, but does give it height. It also helps to give a more punk-like look for the emo scene hair. Hair teasing takes practice but you can do it.

What you need to tease your hair:

  • Teasing comb or regular comb with smaller comb teeth
  • Hair spray
  1. Getting a start for hair teasing. Spray a little hair spray on the part of your hair you want to tease. You have to kind of prime your hair with hair spray. Clean hair won't get your anywhere near tease – styled hair. Oily, dirty hair won't either. Wait a night or day after you've washed your hair.
  2. Start the teasing. Once you've done the hair spray part and it's dried, take your comb and make quick ratting strokes starting at about the scalp of your hair and working up to the end of your hair. Your hair will literally get fluffier, puffier and bigger if you are doing it close to right.
  3. Finishing your teased look. Keep back combing and combing your hair down over each section. Once you have the teased, larger hair you want grab your hair spray. Spray and then let it dry. This teased look can look really cool, but it does take practice.

Teasing, back combing, what ever you call it takes practice. Some times when you first start teasing your hair it doesn't quite work right. Unless you pick up on styling hair and working with your own hair fast, give yourself time to get better at hair teasing. Let the hair spray dry before back combing. Teasing on wet hair spray can flatten and mess up trying to achieve the teased hair look. Also, give yourself time to get it each time you try.  Once you get it it only takes about 10 minutes depending on how much of your hair you are teasing.

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