How To Tell The Age Of A Kenwood Radio

The process for determining how to tell the age of a Kenwood radio is not as difficult as you may thinking. Learning how to tell the age of a Kenwood radio does not mean you will be able to identify the age by simply looking at the radio. Learning how to tell the age of a Kenwood radio is a simple matter of learning how to locate the model number of the radio and then use that information to determine specific details about the radio, such as age.

  1. Locate the model number. Locate the model number on the Kenwood radio. Look on the back side of the Kenwood radio or on the bottom of the radio. All Kenwood radios have the model number in the form of a sticker placed on the unit or an engraving in the plastic of the unit.
  2. Examine the information. Look at the information that is around the model number. Look to see if there is a date present in the same area as the model number. In rare cases there is a date stamped near the model number on a Kenwood Radio.
  3. Search by model number. Visit the official Kenwood website and initiate a product search. First select the type Kenwood radio on the website. Next select "Owner's Manuals" under File Type. Choose the model number in the third drop down box and press search.
  4. Locate the date. Determine the age of the Kenwood radio by locating the date in which it was produced. Once you have found a copy of the Owner's Manual, open the document by clicking on it. Examine the first and last page to find the copyright date of when the Owner's Manual was published and therefore the age of the Kenwood radio.
  5. Use additional resources. More specific information can be obtained using the internet. Enter the model number into any major search engine and browse through the results. Find an online website with more specific dates of manufacturing if you are not satisfied with the results from step four.


  • Determining the age of a Kenwood radio by looking at it can be challenging as the styles change often.
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