How To Tell The Age Of A Vintage Navy Pea Coat

Knowing how to tell the age of a vintage navy pea coat can help prevent your from throwing away a valuable clothing item. It can also help you determine the ages of many vintage and not so vintage items. Pea coats are very stylish and timeless. They also have the added benefit of being notoriously warm and durable. They come in many vibrant and classic colors as well. If you are fortunate enough to posses a vintage navy pea coat, here's how you can accurately determine its age.

  1. Examine its condition. The overall condition of a coat says a lot about it. If you notice a substantial amount of fading, that could mean that it has been around for a while. Also, examine the condition of the buttons. You may see chipping or loose hems.
  2. Research the designer of the pea coat. Sometimes, doing research on the designer or company will help you determine the age of the pea coat. The designer or company's name should be on the tag. If the brand is discontinued, determine the last year that this brand was manufactured. This will help you to know the absolute youngest age that the coat can be. Sometimes, companies have websites that will list certain models and the years they were made.
  3. Research the RN or WPL numbers. Most clothing items have a form of identification located on the tag called the RN or registered identification number. If the item was manufactured before 1960, it will have a WPL or wool products label. These numbers are used to identify the manufacturer, not necessarily the date of production. There is a website run by the Federal Trade Commission, which can be used to find the age of your coat. It has a database for these RN and WPL numbers. If you type these numbers in the appropriate field, the company's name, location, and phone number will appear. You can use this information to contact the company about the item.
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