How To Tell Fake Polo Ralph Lauren

Need to know how to tell a fake Polo Ralph Lauren from a real one? Fakes are all around us, and in a world where fakes seem to be more in supply than the real deal, it can sometimes be hard to determine what is real and what is fake. If you are looking to purchase a Ralph Lauren polo, here are some tips on how to tell a fake Ralph Lauren polo from a real Ralph Lauren polo. If you happen to end up purchasing a fake, report the vendor.

  1. If the Ralph Lauren polo is priced very low, be wary. We have come across a ton of fake Ralph Lauren polos being sold online on auction sites. If the price is too good to be true, then most likely it is. If you want the real deal, you will have to pay the real price. Getting it for less may seem great, up until you actually receive your polo and realize how obviously fake it is.
  2. To be extra cautious, only buy from reputable sources. Use the company website in particular, or you can head to an actual, reputable storefront that you can walk into.
  3. Check the quality of the polo. Make sure it feels high-quality. Many fake Ralph Lauren polos are obviously fake, even to those who miss small details. The material of a fake Ralph Lauren polo will feel cheap and stiff, and colors that look faded are also a fast and easy indicator that the polo is a fraud.
  4. Bad stitching is also a fast way to tell a fake Ralph Lauren polo from a real one. The real polos have neat stitching in straight lines. Fakes will have uneven stitching and loose threading.
  5. If the logo looks as if it were sewed on poorly, watch out. If it has stitching falling lose from it, it's probably a counterfeit polo.
  6. The tag on the back inside of the shirt should also be embroidered, not just painted on. Fakes will not have the logo stitched into the tag, like real ones have.
  7. If tags are not present in the back of the shirt, the polo is a fake. All Ralph Lauren polos sport a stitched-on tag at the back of the shirt. A lot of fake polos won't add tags at all, and this makes it easy to spot a fake.
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