How To Tell A Fake Rolex

Looking for information on how to tell a fake Rolex from an authentic one? The fake Rolex has come a long way, and to the naked eye, a fake Rolex may look no different than a real Rolex. While a professional jeweler can open a Rolex to tell if it is fake, there are some cosmetic differences that can help you tell a fake Rolex apart from a real Rolex.

  1. Date Magnification. You can use date magnification to tell if a Rolex is fake or not on all models except for the Sea Dweller model. A real Rolex will have a cyclops that increases the magnification of the date by 2.5 times. A fake Rolex may have a cyclops, but the cyclops will be misaligned and the magnification will not be as great as it would be on a real Rolex.
  2. Hologram Stickers. If you are purchasing a new Rolex, the Rolex will always have a 3D hologram sticker on the caseback of the watch. The caseback of the watch is the plate on the back of the watch. The hologram encoded sticker will feature the official Rolex crown trademark. In most cases, a fake Rolex will have a hologram sticker, but it will be lacking the 3D aspect of the real Rolex hologram sticker.
  3. Clear Casebacks. No Rolex watch, new or used, has a clear caseback. A clear caseback allows you to see the mechanisms that are located inside the watch. If you come across a Rolex watch that has a clear caseback, you have spotted a fake Rolex.


  • If you are unable to tell if a Rolex is real or fake, take the watch to a professional jeweler. The jeweler can open the caseback on the watch to examine the serial number, model number, and caseback identification number to tell if the Rolex is real or fake.
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