How To Tell The Gender Of A Kitten

Learning how to tell the gender of a kitten can be difficult, especially when they are young. After a kitten has reached four to six weeks of age it is much easier to learn how to tell the gender of a kitten. Learning how to tell the gender of a kitten when it is younger than four weeks is still possible and can be accomplished by learning a few simple facts about the differences between male and female kittens.

  1. Locate the anus. Locate the anus on the rear underside of the kitten. Search towards where the tail meets the body. Look for a small circular opening which is the anus.
  2. Locate the genital. Look below where the anus was located. Another small opening should be present on both male and female kittens. Check for external genitalia if the kitten is older than four weeks. Gently touch around the opening to check and see if you can locate two very small "pea-like" genitals. Lack of these genitals indicate the kitten is female or possibly male but younger than four weeks. The shape of the genital opening is the best method of determining gender of a kitten that is younger than four weeks.
  3. Determine gender. Examine the opening where the genitals should be located. Small circular openings are typical of male kittens and generally indicate that the kitten is in fact a male. Genital openings of male kittens are much closer to the anus. Female kittens have a vertical slit which is known as the vagina. Female kittens may have more distance between the vagina and the anus than a male kitten has between the penis and the anus.
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