How to Tell Her You Have Chlamydia

Are you wondering how to tell her you have Chlamydia? Delivering bad news is never easy, but ,in this case it is imperative that you tell her sooner rather than later. Whatever details and explanations you provide will depend on what your present relationship is with her, and the type of relationship you hope to establish in the future. Leave your ego, and unfortunately, your feelings at the door, her initial response will most likely not be pleasant. Right now you have to concern yourself with her feelings and emotions, which are probably running at an all time high.

When you tell her you have Chlamydia, it is important that you take responsibility-don’t play the “blame” game, man up and allow the chips to fall where they may. Prepare for the worst–let’s not kid ourselves–Chlamydia is serious. It is too late to discuss the woes of not being responsible while engaging in sexual activity, so don’t go there. Be straight forward during the conversation, ask her if she has questions, and let her know that you will answer all of them honestly. She may ask the same questions you have already answered again and again and yet again, what do you do? Answer them again and again and again.

You will be tempted to evade some questions if you become uncomfortable. This is not uncommon, but your discomfort is a small price to pay for the comfort you will give her by answering. Whether this is a relationship that you want to salvage, or you just want to be up front and honest, consider these five suggestions.

  1. If there is a possibility that you have transmitted Chlamydia to her, then you obviously must start with a heartfelt apology. Provide her with as much knowledge as you have about the disease. Recommend that she see her physician immediately, Chlamydia is highly treatable, nevertheless; she should not delay in getting treatment. If you are not in a monogamous relationship, you may only feel compelled to inform her of your condition and forgo any further personal details.
  2. If you are not sexually involved with her, but hope to be in the future, you have one thing to your credit. She now knows you are honest enough to “come clean” about difficult and embarrassing subject matter. Now that you have told her, this would be a good time to reassure her that you are receiving the proper care and treatment. It is important that you tell her about your treatment and progress, unless she tell you she doesn't want to be kept apprised of it. You want her to know that you are attempting to build trust and you are willing to disclose everything.
  3. If you are involved in a serious relationship with her, and the Chlamydia is the result of infidelity, you need more than an apology. Transmitting a sexual disease is humiliating for both parties, but the one who is on the “receiving” end should and would naturally be more upset. Your honesty will not cure the disease, but at least you won’t add insult to injury by lying. You must realize that If there is any hope of your relationship surviving this, you must be honest and sincere.
  4. Tell her how this has made you feel only if she asks. Remember to be honest, do not tell her what you think she wants to hear. She will know you are not sincere, and it will only anger or hurt her more. You may not be able to resolve everything in one conversation, so do not try. Let her know that you are open to discuss this again.
  5. Tell her how you feel about her, and do not ask her how she feels about you. Keep the focus on her, how she feels and what you can do, if anything, to resolve this issue. Keep the right attitude during your conversations with her, she may be fine one moment and then emotional the next. Give her that.
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