How to Tell Her You Have Genital Warts

It can be uneasy wondering how to tell her you have genital warts. There are a few things that can be done to make letting her know go more smoothly. Telling her you gave genital warts will not be easy, but is very necessary.

To tell her you have genital warts, you will need:

  • informational pamphlets
  • clinic and physician information
  1. Be honest and direct. Tell her that you have genital warts, but do not do it in a cold or heartless manner. Show concern and empathy while explaining you have genital warts. Make her understand that you did not mean for anyone to get hurt. Be sure to explain that you are a victim of genital warts.
  2. Explain what genital warts are. Inform her that genital warts are a sexually transmitted disease cause by the human papillomavirus. The warts can appear as soft, moist, pink or flesh-colored bumps. Even though warts may not appear right away, a person can still be infected with the human papillomavirus. It can take years for warts to appear for some and some may never get them. Make sure she understands that you did not know you had the genital warts. Also, explain that she may never have an outbreak, but should look out for changes in her vaginal area. Also suggest that she get a pap smear annually to check for any warts in the cervix. Showing her some pamphlets and pictures may make this step easier.
  3. Give her details on treatment. Explain that genital warts can be treated. However, do not forget to mention that there is no treatment for the human papillomavirus. Mild warts can be treated with oral mediation such as imiquimod, podophyllin and podofilox. If the warts are more severe they can also be treated with cryosurgery, electrocauterization, laser therapy, and surgical excision. Although the warts are removed they can often come back, because the virus still lives in the body. Tell her that using condoms is the only way to prevent spreading genital warts or the human papillomavirus to another partner.
  4. Have a list of clinics are physicians readily available. She will then know that you care about her seeking treatment.
  5. Tell her that life must go on. Let her know that even though you have genital warts, you can proceed to live life normally. Explain that you personally know it can be frustrating just knowing that they are there. Tell her that she is not alone, and with time and treatment her frustration can be minimized.


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