How to Tell Her You Have Gonorrhea

Contemplating how to tell her you have gonorrhea can be frustrating, time consuming, and extremely difficult. Letting someone know you have a sexually transmitted disease is a difficult task. It can also be embarrassing to most. The only thing to do is be honest and informative.

  1. Let her know you care. Explain to your partner how much you care about her. This is a crucial step. Letting her know that you care about her as a person, will ease any anger that may come your way. Do not be fake or insincere when speaking to her. Being insincere may lead to a lot of premature questioning. Letting her know you care will make explaining that you have gonorrhea a little less complicated.
  2. Explain that you have gonorrhea. Open up and let her know that you were diagnosed with gonorrhea. She will probably become furious. It is important that you are understanding to any reactions you receive. Remember that she is now worried about her health, and may also be worried about any fidelity issues.
  3. Explain what gonorrhea is. She will more than likely calm down after she becomes informed. Let her know that people usually do not have any symptoms while infected. It is easy to pass on because so many people do not know they are a carrier. Tell your partner that she will need to see a doctor immediately because having gonorrhea can cause infertility. Let her know that you care about her health during this discussion. Explain that having gonorrhea is not the end of the world, because it is curable. Normally, this will put almost anyone at ease.
  4. Let her know of treatment options. Tell her that she should see her doctor as soon as possible. If she does not have a doctor, she can also go to a local STD clinic. Gonorrhea can be treated by taking antibiotics. Both partners should completely finish medication before engaging in any sexual activity. It is usually treated within a week.

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