How To Tell How Much Your Girlfriend Likes You

Women shows obvious signs when they like their man, and it shouldn’t be hard to figure out how to tell how much your girlfriend likes you. It's a certain energy she gives you that is the best feeling in the world and goes beyond appreciation into respect and support. As the saying goes, behind every great man is a good woman, and if you want to know if this is the truth for you, read on.

  1. She likes you if she defends you. When considering how much your girlfriend likes you, ask yourself what she says to someone who has something bad to say about you. If she defends you and has your back, you have a keeper. This shows she will be there no matter how hard things become.
  2. She'll give you support if she likes you. A man can tell he has a good woman when he hits a low point in his life. When you express to your girlfriend that there are problems in your life, and she shows concern and tries her best to help solve any problems or cheer you up, you know you have a girlfriend that truly likes you.
  3. She'll show how much she cares. If your girlfriend does small things, like packing lunch for you to take to work, making a surprise dinner of your favorite meal, sends emails or text messages to you or even gives a simple hello by calling just to see how you are doing, she truly cares.
  4. If your girlfriend likes you, she'll create pet names for you. When your girlfriend likes you, she will create cute nicknames, and most of the time will use them instead of your real name, unless you are around your friends. While some men may cringe being called sugarplum, just take it as a compliment and know that she is comfortable in the relationship and really digs you.
  5. She'll be there when you are sick. If you are physically sick, a girlfriend who likes you will do anything to cheer you up. She'll make tea or a hot bowl of great soup, then cuddle up next to you and watch a movie you both enjoy. These nice things will surely help a man recover, as he will feel appreciated and cared about.
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