How To Tell If Bass Amp Speakers Are Bad

Before you buy a new bass amp. make sure the bass amp speakers you have are actually bad by knowing how to tell if bass amp speakers are bad. Bad bass amp speakers can be responsible for dull, grainy, low-quality sounds. However, other components that connect to the amp can be the problem, instead. Try these steps before deciding that the bass amp is the problem: 

  1. Buy a New Cord. Cords can simply die on you after a while, from overuse or abuse. It's usually good to have a few other cords lying around. If you get a brand new cord and the sound still sounds like an AM radio station from the 1950s, it's not the cord.
  2. If you have a "power" or "active" bass, replace the battery. Batteries are actually common in a lot of bass guitars, but few beginners know it. The battery is responsible for charging your connection to the amp and, when it starts to die, you will hear distant, crackling noises, until it shorts out completely. The battery is located underneath the panel on the back of the bass, right above the area where you put the cord. The panel should have four tiny screws, which you can easily unscrew with a nail file or even the blade of a pair of scissors. See what kind of battery you need (usually "D") and buy some new ones.
  3. Bring the bass amp  and bass to a guitar store. Just have the employees look at it. They will be able to tell if the bass amp speakers are bad or if the problem is related to the bass itself.
  4. Buy a new amp. If these final steps haven't worked, you know that your bass amp speakers are bad. The bass amp speakers will make bad, groggy sounds despite a new cord, and a new battery hasn't fixed the problem.

When you are trying to tell if your bass amp speakers are bad, just remember to check out all the other possible factors. When everything else has been exhausted, then it's time to buy a new bass amp speaker.

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