How To Tell If A Craps Table Is Hot

If you're planning on winning at craps, the first step is learning how to tell if a craps table is hot. There are a myriad of ways to check the hotness factor. Learning to assess a winning craps table is paramount to leaving happy and wealthy.

  1. Learn to recognize the language of a hot craps table. That is, the gamblers will whoop and holler. You'll notice fists raised in the air, high fives being offered. If you see this kind of behavior, you can be assured that the craps table is hot. However, if you see people shaking their heads, shoulders dropping, and expletives being yelled, keep walking—that craps table is not hot!

  2. Assess how much money is on the rail (where players put their casino chips) and see what color chips are prevalent. If there are a lot of red chips, those are only $5 chip. You want to see some black chips ($100) or, better yet, purple chips ($500). What you don't want to see is a lot of whites ($1) and a few reds. If this is the case, move on.

  3. Assess how much money is being played on the table.  If there are chips everywhere, and on many different type of bets, you've walked up to a hot craps table. Get in there!

  4. Ask the croupier (the craps staff) how the table is doing. Don't worry about them misleading you. If you make money, they make money through the tips you'll throw down (hopefully). If they kind of shake their head in response, move on. That craps table is not hot.
  5. Ask the croupier how many numbers the shooter has made. If the shooter has made a few numbers, that's good—he could be hot! If the shooter hasn't made a number yet, it's a crap shoot, literally, if the table is hot.
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