How To Tell If A Gay Guy Likes You

It is not really difficult how to tell if a gay guy likes you. There are some telltale signs to look for that can flag a warning that a gay guy have some special interest in you. Know these signs and when they are present chances are he really likes you. 

  1. He may show extra attention to you. This extra attention is shown when he pays close attention to every detail of what you say and leaves whatever he is doing to give you his 100% attention. He will also show special interest by hanging to every word you say as if they are the most fascinating thing in the world. It is his way of making you feel important and showing signs that he is very interested in you.
  2. He shows frequent glances on you. And when you look back in return he may turn his glance away shyly or may give you smiles to encourage eye contact with you as a sign of showing special interest.
  3. He may likely touch you casually or by accident. He may be observing how you respond to such gesture before he moves on to the next step of getting closer to you. The kind of touch that a gay guy who likes you will show is quite different from that shown by gay friends. Men can trust their instincts of knowing whether there is something different in the manner he touches them.
  4. He may show aggressive approach of coming straight out to you and ask your name. This may be a point where he wants to show signs that he is interested and taking the initial step of getting to know your name to start a conversation. He will also ask for your number and will begin giving you frequent calls.
  5. He may show interest in you by being flirty and straightforward. He will show cues that he like you and will observe how you respond. If he sits closer to you that usual or when he touches and caresses you as a flirty gesture, there is no room for other interpretation other than that he likes you.
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