How To Tell If It’s An Original Eames Chair

The classic Eames chair has not lost its touch from being one of the most sought-after pieces of furniture, but it begs the question, how to tell if it's an original Eames chair. If you are looking for the authentic Eames chair, you need to make sure that you are aware of the signs that you are getting an authentic piece. Here are some telltale signs that would land you in finding the original pieces.

  1. Look for any label on the whole piece. If you are in the United States or that you acquired your piece from here, look for Herman Miller label. If you are in Europe or got the piece from there then you should look for Vitra label. They are the only authorized manufacturers of the Eames chair.
  2. Look at works of the Eames. If you cannot find these labels, then you would need to understand the works of Charles and Ray Eames. You are probably aware that they are the designers of this chair. Now, you would need to check out the unique details that are included. One of the most popular features is that the backrest and headrest are screwed in through an aluminum strip.
  3. Check out the Eames details. Look from reliable sites like from the Herman Miller original product information. If you can, check out some pictures with details. It should provide you vital information and features to look for from an authentic piece. You may also try to spot a few hidden clips and rings with the original Eames chair. This also goes with a zipper around its outer edge. Check also the outside veneer at the back as authentic Eames chairs is unmarked with any bolt or screw.
  4. Inspect the shell chairs. If you are looking at some shell chair pieces, you should be able to find HM impression on the fiberglass. This is a mark of authentic Eames. Guarantee the originality by finding these small details that may not be in those reproduced imitation pieces. There are paper labels and there are impressions in the glass.  
  5. A circle and star impression located at the base of the chair may also be a marked of an original Eames chair. This is actually because some chair pieces predate the Miller label. Some also have a DCWor LCW acronym at the bottom base which stands for Dining Chair Wood or Lounge Chair Wood.
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