How To Tell If A Man Is Infertile

Want to know how to tell if a man is infertile?  Are you facing infertility issues, or is someone close to you? Check out this article if you are interested in learning about fertility and how to tell if a man is infertile.

  1. Review your medical history.  Have you had a sexually transmitted disease or other illness that may have caused you to have a low sperm count and be less likely to get a woman pregnant?  Have you had the mumps, kidney disease, hormone issues, or radiation / chemotherapy?  These can cause infertility.
  2. Take a look at your family.  If the men in your family had trouble getting spouses or girlfriends pregnant, then that could have been passed on to you in terms of a tendency for low sperm count.
  3. Consider your underwear.  Men who wear tight underwear have more trouble impregnating a woman than those who wear roomier underwear.
  4. Give yourself an exam.  If you have testicles that are enlarged or swollen, that could be the sign of an infection or underlying health issue that may be preventing you from being as fertile as you could be.
  5. Check your lifestyle.  Heavy drinking, smoking, and drugs can make you infertile.  Age is also a factor. The older you get, the less likely you are to be fertile.
  6. Have a sperm count.  Go to your doctor and have a sperm count done in order to determine if you do actually have fewer live sperm in your semen than is normal.  This is truly the only way to find out if you're fertile or not.

You can find out if you are fertile by examining various aspects of your life and history.  These things can give you an idea of whether you're predisposed to be less than fertile or if a medical problem or past medical issue may be to blame for infertility.  However, the only real way to tell if a man is infertile is to have a sperm count done at a doctor's office or clinic.

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