How To Tell If A Man Is Sterile

If you have never been one to take precautionary measures, yet have never gotten anyone pregnant, you may be wondering how to tell if a man is sterile. Typically, one of six couples are infertile, with the male being the responsible party about half the time. Infertility is more common when a man is over the age of 40, as semen production tends to decrease over time. However, oftentimes even extreme cases of sterility can be reversed. Here are some ways in which to tell if a man is sterile.

What you will need:

  • Research
  • Sterility tests
  • Documentation


  1. Do your DD. If you want to know how to tell if a man is sterile, you must do your due diligence. There is tons of information provided on the Internet regarding how to find out if a man is sterile. Furthermore, go to the library. Order sterility or sexual dysfunction books to read up on the subject.
  2. A man has had unprotected sex with no pregnancies. Most sterility doctors want to run various tests if you have been having unprotected sex for at least six months, to no avail. If a man is able to ejaculate and erectile dysfunction or impotence is not an issue, then a health professional will want to find out if there is a sperm deficiency. There are many indicators on how to tell if a man is sterile, but only one way to know for sure is to have these tests.
  3. A man has had a vasectomy. If a man has had a vasectomy, this is an undeniable way to tell if a man is sterile. Although a vasectomy is not foolproof, you may typically count on this operation to render a man completely sterile. Even after a vasectomy is performed, the doctor will recommend not having unprotected sex for a period to determine if a man is permanently sterile.

Tip: There is absolutely no way to guess if a man is sterile. In these cases, it is vital to see a health professional when it comes to this sensitive subject.

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