How To Tell If A Married Woman Is Available

If you love dating married women, you should know how to tell if a married woman is available. You wouldn't know a married woman's availability based on her looks. In order to make things easy and simple, the following three tips will show you how to tell if a married woman is available.

  1. She is at a singles bar every night. If you are a regular at a local single bars, you will probably recognize other regulars gradually as time goes by. Let's say you have spotted a drop dead gorgeous woman and wondered if she is single. The first thing you would need to do is to check out her ring finger. If you see her wedding band, it would burst your bubble for sure. However, if you see her there every night with her wedding band and hanging out with other single women, you can tell this married woman is more than likely available.
  2. She has a profile on a dating website. If you are a big fan of online dating, you must have browsed through different profiles trying to find the woman of your dreams. Have you noticed that the relationship status on each woman could be single, divorced, separated, widowed or married? Depending on the dating website you are with, sometimes the relationship status will only be revealed in her personal descriptions. The only way you can tell if a married woman is available is by paying attention to her relationship status and descriptions on her profile.
  3. You always catch her in lies. Let's say this charming married woman approached you at a singles bar. When you guys are having conversations, her phone rings. Instead of answering her call somewhere, she just answers it in front of your face. At this point, you can probably hear everything she said to the caller. If you can hear she say things such as: "Oh, honey, I am working overtime tonight," "I miss you so much; make sure the kids are in bed" or "I love you, baby. I have no idea when I'll be home," these lines are telling you that she is lying to her husband!
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